Tai chi Y2D355: movement

There is not much to say about today’s tai chi. I did the two qi gong forms with good breathwork; several popping sounds confirmed that the usual kinks and limits built up over the previous 24 hours were working themselves out. The tai chi form had good breathwork, and a nice flow to it, and it took about the right amount of time. I don’t really know what else to say. Sometimes things go smoothly, so smoothly that there’s nothing worth finding fault in. As I finished, I thought, “well, that was just about perfect,” even though I don’t believe in perfect tai chi.

Well. Maybe today, I do. Or maybe it’s better to say faultless. Nothing stood out as cracked or broken in my work today, and for today, that will be enough.

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  1. […] Year 2 Day 355 saw me noting the popping and cracking sounds of the previous day’s stiffness working out of my joints, and thinking of the day’s practice as faultless.  When I compare my attitude in that comment to my attitude today, I’m sort of surprised.  I feel much more woken-up about my practice today than I did at the end of Year Two; and I’m startled by the discoveries I’ve made along the way — and getting a little teaching along the way has certainly gotten me fired up. […]

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