Tai Chi Y2D339: Face the right way?

Yesterday as I finished my tai chi in the late afternoon, I could feel a nagging insistence that something was wrong with my performance. I put it aside — I was meeting my dad for a walk around Amsterdam —and didn’t really think about it until this morning.

There is a narrow space between the wall and the foot of my bed. It’s wider from left to right across the bed, than from the bed to the wall. Yesterday, I did tai chi facing the wall, with the bed behind me. today, I did it facing the door, with the bed on my left. It felt more right or more correct that way, so that’s what I did.

Afterwards, though, I thought: why was I comfortable yesterday facing the wall, but today I want to face the door? So I double-checked my compass. Turns out, the door is on the east side of the room. Back in my house, I always face east to do tai chi. It’s not something I learned from my teacher, necessarily, but it is a habit that I’ve picked up.

And apparently, not facing east is enough to draw my attention, and make me feel uneasy, during practice. Curious.

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