Tai Chi Y2D334: Sorta bizarre

So… today, some one or something (maybe a bot?) generated 1300 hits on my blog in the space of four hours.  Uh… hope you found what you were looking for, unless it was my password or a way to screw up my blog.  Maybe you could, you know, leave a comment?  The astonishing thing is how deeply they reached into the archive.  One of the posts hasn’t been read at all since it was posted in 2011.  Hello, NSA! Nice to know you’re reading.

Today was a snow day from school.  I’ve been on the verge of illness without being actually sick for a few days now, and feeling ‘ragged around the edges’ without actually feeling like “I’m sick, I shouldn’t go to work.” In truth, the raggedness has more to do with the weather outside being cold, dry and miserable than any internal malaise. In any case, I didn’t get out of bed until almost 9, to do tai chi.

And it was a very pleasant round.  Nothing spectacular occurred, but neither was it a bad practice.  I started a little big stiffer than I usually do; but I was as limber as I usually am by the end. Breathwork was good, and focus was good.  I didn’t lose my place in the form, ever, and I was reasonably happy with the results of the work.  So far, so good!

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  1. I prescribe ginger and mint tea: 1 heaping tsp grated fresh ginger (1/2 tsp dry ginger spice if you don’t have fresh) simmered for a few minutes, poured in a cup with mint in whatever form you have (tea bag is easiest) honey to taste, and a little bit of whiskey or brandy 1tsp-ish (you can put a black tea teabag in the cup too if you would like, but it’s not necessary.) Drink a few cups in 24 hours. That should ward off whatever is making you feel ragged. If you do not have mint, just make it with the ginger alone.

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