Tai chi Y2D329: unbalanced

Today I had terrible balance. I’m not sure why. During several movements of the qi gong forms, I kept losing my grip on the floor, and unbalancing. This may sound more like the ravings of a mad drunk than a tai chi practitioner: usually when you can’t hold onto the floor it’s time to stop drinking. But I haven’t been drinking, and yet I was quite unbalanced.

What do I mean by that? What does unbalanced mean in this context?

The first movement of Eight Pieces of Silk is a beautiful action. The hands sweep up from the sides to a position over the head, palms pointing to the sky. The hands then press up, and the heels come off the floor to lift the whole body into the air. Then the heels come down again, and the hands and arms gradually sweep downward again to the sides of the body.

Yeah. Couldn’t do this one right at all today. Every time I lifted onto my toes and the ball of my foot, I’d overbalance, and fall off my toes. The same thing would happen when I put my heels down again: I’d sink toward the floor with my knees, and then my toes would pop off the floor and I’d dock backward.

It wasn’t any easier in any of the exercises. Couldn’t find my balance today. We’ll see if it continues to be a problem tomorrow.

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