Tai chi y2D301: snow day

It’s not actually a snow day. It’s a 90-minute delay: we’ll open at 9:30 for people who want or need to be in the building, and classes will start at 10am. But I’ve noted that on days when I just getup and do tai chi, then the cancellation comes right away for the whole day. And when I do tai chi after a long, grumbling argument with myself about whether or not it’s likely to be a snow day, we get ninety minute delays. It’s a dumb theory. One or two counter-examples would crush the hypothesis. But it does argue for regular routines.

In the meantime, the other day a woman Pointed out that my shoe was untied. Instead of bending over to tie my shoe, I lifted my foot into the air and tied it. She watched in obvious astonishment, and said, “you have great balance.” yes, yes, apparently I do. I’ll have to remember this little trick for the future.

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