Tai Chi Y2D292: Happy New Year.

Happy New Year!

I was up late late last night, and stumbled out of bed way too early this morning — for a bathroom break and for tai chi.  And then I stumbled back to bed.  I was up for a little while around noon until about 2:00pm, but basically I have been in bed for most of the day.  I haven’t felt this tired in a long time, and now I feel better.  It’s been a very speedy and busy winter break for me, and it felt like I really needed to catch up on “flat on my back” time.  I feel like I did so, though.

You can’t run forever.  You can’t keep your energy levels high all the time. Sometimes you have to rest.  Today, apparently, was my day to do so.

May your coming year be glorious and great.  The feast of Janus and Terminalia is yesterday and today, so feel free to use this poem for your own work.

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