Tai chi Y2D291: slow work, fast day

This morning I woke shortly before 5am. Immediately I was up and heading to tai chi. I stopped briefly in the bathroom, and then it was time for Qi gong and the form. It went well.

One of the hard things about a daily practice like tai chi is that the special days of the regular calendar, and the deep insights of the daily work, don’t always line up. It’s New Year’s Eve. There should be some deep insight into the work, right? Not so much. Not really. It was longer than a couple of days ago, but not as long as yesterday.

“Keep going” seems to be the best advice we can offer for the new year. Some course correction, yes. Some reflection, yes. Some new resolution, yes. But most of all, keep practicing, keep working. Keep going.

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  1. On this last day of this western calendar year, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for the ongoing example of how to actually practice a Practice with diligence and grace. It’s a huge example and encouragement to me.

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