Tai Chi Y2D262: Swift Once-Through

Today is my first day back in school after a week away for Thanksgiving.  I must admit, I did tai chi faster than I should have, about 8 minutes.  Good enough, I guess, for today.

After so long doing tai chi in the same room, I’m starting to discover the specific kinks and challenges of this particular room.  During one of the movements today, the ball of my foot was on a floorboard that felt ‘soft’.  There’s no other way to put it.  In fact, there’s a bit of springiness to that particular board at that particular place.  I was about to do a spin, though, so I couldn’t be standing there.  My body made a minute adjustment of the placement of the big toe and the ball of the foot, almost without me thinking about it consciously, and I spun on the hard board next to it.  Excellent.

I’m deciding that on winter break, I’m going to learn to do “Standing Bear” qi gong from youtube videos.  Probably not the best way to learn, but I think that should be one of my goals this holiday season.  That or a staff form, and staff forms are notoriously hard to learn from video.  It would be better to have an instructor.

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