Tai Chi Y2D256: sNOw Interruptions

It took me three times to start, and finish, the tai chi form this morning. Getting through the qi gong forms was easy, butI had to start the tai chi form three times. First, I began the qi gong forms outside. But it snowed last night. Doing tai chi outside was cold, and getting colder, despite my layers; and I found that doing even the qi gong outside was hampered by having to wear enough layers to stay warm. That was problem #1. Problem #2 was coming back inside — and discovering that the kitchen, where I usually do tai chi, was occupied. Which meant going somewhere else, and trying there in a room with relatively low ceilings and a ceiling fan. Difficult.

Then, three telephone conversations. All in all, I think I started the tai chi form three times today before I got a solid, complete cycle finished. Wow. Don’t answer the phone while doing tai chi.

update: apparently this didn’t load while I was working yesterday, and I missed it. My apologies for the delay.

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