Tai Chi Y2D254: Sunday Morning

Is it bad that I have no idea what to write? I mean, “Ok, I’ve been writing about the same subject for 620 days… at what point does it get boring?”

Is it bad that I can’t put my palms flat on the floor any more?  Is it good that my joints don’t hurt any more? Is it bad that I haven’t lost much weight?  Is it good that I’ve sort of changed shape?  Is it bad that I’m still struggling to adopt the dietary habits that appear to support the tai chi regimen I’m carrying out?  Is it good that my overall health seems to have improved substantially?

It just is.

I think that’s something of the point, really.  It just is.  Somewhere in the last month or so, I’ve shifted from doing tai chi because I committed to it, to doing it because it’s just what I do.  I’m not sure I can identify where that shift occurred, nor can I confirm that I’ll always feel this way; but I know that there’s something about it which calls to me now, and urges me to do the work no matter how long I laze around in bed, nor how much I try to put it off.  It’s time, the form calls to me, and it’s time to do the work.  It’s doing me, now, rather than the other way around.

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  1. Good grief! I hope that’s a good thing… you DID mention a while back that you wished for more comments as you were… hmmmm… something like feeling that your writing was falling down a black hole or some such thing, so I have made an effort to give feedback. I didn’t realize that by doing so, I would become Leader of All…. but I might could get used to that title 😉

  2. Well, like you writing, my reading is that it isn’t ALWAYS interesting or inspiring, but I always read as you always write, because it’s often interesting and often inspiring. Today is both. I am not sure I will ever be to the point where my practices practice me, but I aspire. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • You’re welcome. You’re my most reliable reader and commenter, I think. Certainly commenter — you’ve just recently overtaken the top three commenters of all time, actually, to make you the leader of all; only I have more comments on this blog than you, and that’s to be expected.

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