Tai Chi Y2D252: just keep at it

After I got up this morning, I wandered around the house for a bit before I settled into morning routines. It’s as though I was looking for something, but didn’t know what I was looking for. Eventually I found it. Tai chi. Oh, right, I’m supposed to do this in the morning.

Sometimes the hardest thing is starting in the morning. No, let me revise that. Starting is the hardest thing. The work, by itself, is easy. Once begun, it has a rhythm and a flow to it which is unstoppable. But getting started? That’s the rub. It always has been, and I suspect that it always I’ll be. So? Get started. Overcome that obstacle and all the rest flows, as it should, as it must be.

Once started, it’s easier to keep going.


  1. What is the difference between the two states? One moment you’re not doing something, the next moment you ARE doing something. THE weight WE PUT ON BETWEEN THE TWO STATES, well, THAT’S ON US. The story we tell ourselves is what creates the tension between the two states. Without the story, you’re just doing something.

    • Perhaps it’s just the tension between the two states. I’d say that one of the goals of the work is to gradually eliminate the tension between the two states of being — not doing tai chi vs. doing tai chi. When that occurs, I’ll likely give up keeping a blog.

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