Tai Chi Y2D243: moving qi

Hotta day I felt my qi for the first time in a long time. When I first started out, I felt it every day. It was the rush of energy that comes from highly-oxygenated blood flowing through too-tight arteries and veins, perhaps. But it came across to me as heat and light flowing along my arms and legs. Then, gradually, as my body worked up to potential, the sensation of qi flowing daily diminished.

I knew it was happening — but it became a background sensation rather than the main event. The qi flow, which had been so prominent at the start — so centrally located in my awareness, in fact, that sometimes I couldn’t finish the form — now became a secondary sensation, and the physical movements themselves became primary. And I gradually schooled myself to perform the form, rather than becoming distracted by the flow of qi.

And then the flow of qi became so normal that I tuned out the sense of it occurring, it ceased to be part of my regular experience: losing myself in the experience of the flow of qi. It just happened, without my willing it or thinking about it.

Today, I was moving at just the right speed, apparently. Or with just the right amount of force. Or both. Or neither. In any case, my chi is flowing quite nicely this morning. My energy rose and spread out like st. Elmo’s fire along my limbs, and subsided at final close, regulated and regular and manageable.

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