Tai Chi Y2D240: the necessity of movement

Yesterday I spent about four hours in the car, driving back and forth to a memorial service. And I sat at the memorial service for maybe an hour, and then stood in more or less one place for maybe another two hours. That was my day.

Needful and important, yes. The deceased was a good man, a loving husband, a light, and a great teacher. He needed people in attendance at his funeral, so that he could be honored and remembered and sent on to whatever comes next. I will miss him greatly, and I’m sorry I didn’t come to know him better in his relatively short life.

Healthy for the body, no. I was stiff and sore today, and parts of me that usually move easily… Didn’t. That much sitting — in the car, in the memorial service, standing around the hall afterwards — locked me up and tightened me up quite a bit. I was also exhausted from the previous night, and I wasn’t able to get around much when I got home. Alas.

It was a powerful reminder that it does not take much to get us weak and unable to move. Too much inactivity can stiffen us and affect us a lot. Keep moving, every day.

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