Tai chi y2d232: under maples again

I don’t know that there’s any other place that I love doing tai chi as much as under this maple tree. I feel more unbothered and invigorated there than anywhere else in the world that I’ve done tai chi so far. And it’s a source of pleasure and joy to do it there. I do a less effective routine here, in terms of stretching and working my body — but it makes me happier.

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  1. Andrew: Perhaps it’s your Druid Path that allows you to make a particular connection to a place with a large tree?

    Lisa: I would be interested to see what would happen if you made an offering(s) to the tree/tree’s Deva and asked it to extend its energy to you and around you when you practice in that driveway area.

    • Christina, That’s an interesting thought. The whole energy of a driveway and a garage will probably overpower the tree’s energy though—but I’m sure if I move 50 feet to the grass on the other side of the tree, it will be all different, too, like it is doing the work on the deck (sheltered by a large pine tree). Since it’s in the 40s here now and the tree still has some leaves but it’s largely fallen asleep for the season, I will wait until spring to try that and endure my practice indoors for several months.

      • Christina, you’re probably right about the Druidic connection. I’ve done Druidic work specifically with this tree, and gotten good results.

        Lisa, I’ve found that there are few buildings that can completely overshadow the energetic stamp of nature in a generally-rural area. But roads, on the other hand, seem to do a lot more damage to a place’s sense of itself. Especially if they’re hard pavement.

        • Well, although it’s gravel, there IS a driveway there, which is similar to a road. I think I’ll spend the winter trying to connect to the tree, then try to practice there in the spring. It’s an expansive space with a nice surface.

  2. I live in a very quiet rural area in Wisconsin. I *love* practicing on my deck. It’s just large enough to do the complete form (with a bit of attention paid to the edges which don’t have rails), and it just feels perfect to practice there. When I have to practice for the winter months in the house, it feels like work, like a lesson. When I practice in the large farm driveway on the other side of the house from the deck, I feel discombobulated, like I can’t concentrate my energy, like it’s all around me but not enough of it IN me. The driveway is under a HUGE maple tree, but I think the space is TOO big for me, at least right now. Or it could be that the very large garage is oppressive from that spot. Although I’ve always been aware of these “issues,” I’ve never verbalized a description, which has helped me clarify the energies aspect. Thanks for your comment today, which caused me to think about those three places. Now I will use this understanding to try to affect the energy more.

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