TaiChi Y2D224: hip to knee

I have a pain in my right leg. It’s actually a line of pain, which extends from behind the right knee down to a place just behind or below the gluteus max. It hurts. Not horribly, but on that 10-point scale, it’s maybe a 2-3. Bearable but out of sorts. I may have pulled something.

Taichi today was also a bit subdued as a result. It’s hard to do a great job when you’re aware at something doesn’t feel quite right from yesterday. It’s a feeling more achey and tender than a sharp This is broken pain. I think it comes from sitting down too much.

Also, there were technical difficulties with yesterday’s Thirty Days of Making post. It got written, and posted as a draft. Then apparently,I re-posted the draft. I’ll figure it out latertodayand re-post it.

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