Tai chi Y2D222: drying, heating

This morning when I awoke, I was slightly snotty. I had a bit of a nose blockage, and I was sniffly. These things caused me to waken earlier than usual, and after lying there a whie, I got up and did tai chi.

I’m no longer snotty. I’m no longer sniffly. I can breathe through my nose.

A number of muscles and joints went pop-pop-pop,too.

The effects of tai chi appear to be drying and warming. Drying in the sense that the exercises seem to mop up the excess moisture in my sinuses, and expel or reabsorb them. Warming in the sense that I woke with a cold, and now I’m warm. It’s pleasant to have a working system, really. I was a nasally child, growing up, and I remained so into adulthood. But I seem to have found a method for breaking down the mess in my throat and nose: tai chi for nearly 600 days in a row will apparently do the trick.

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