Tai chi Y2D216: finding heat

Today during tai chi, as I was doing squats during Five Golden Coins. There was a massive pop sound from my left shoulder blade. And then something that I hadn’t noticed was feeling bad, felt better. Immediately. And I thought, “oh! I must remember to write about that.” But afterwards, I had to struggle to remember that this incident had happened.

Because, by the end, I was so hot as to be somewhat sweaty. I like when this happens. It means that I’ve found a place or a speed or a posture that is challenging. And my body is ramping up fuel consumption to compensate for the problem. This means that I’m about to go through an improvement in my work, too, because my body is about to be challenged to meet these obstacles or resistances.


Sometimes the body gives me a few days of heat, and then subsides. Sometimes it’s a real challenge for a few weeks even to get out of bed. Oh well.

Today my shoulder popped while I was doing squats. It proves, to me anyway, that the body is all interlinked and interconnected. It demonstrates that when we challenge our natural balance with new risks, or with common risks, we’re rewarded by things happening that increase our body’s ability to move and flex.


Maybe it’s just a shoulder pop.

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