Tai Chi Y2D202: asleep to wakeful

Managed to get up today before the end of the first snooze cycle. Did the druidic rite that begins my days, but felt very much like I was still asleep.. Did the first qi gong form, and felt less asleep. Did the second qi gong form and felt less asleep still. Did the tai chi form and found myself awake. Foggy, but awake.

Most mornings, when I do tai chi, I can definitively say that I’m awake. Some mornings, like today, I can say that I’m not fully awake when I start— I become so in the course of the tai chi practice. On a rare few occasions, I find that I’m still asleep when I finish doing the form.

When I’m still half-asleep while doing tai chi, a few unusual things are likely to happen. For example, I’m certain I performed the windmill kick near the end of the form. But I’m not sure I performed the golden pheasant movements, or cloud hands. They’re in the form, though. If I left these movements out, I’d have wound up facing a different direction than east at the end I my work. I ended the work facing east. So I must have done the moments.

Yet I don’t remember doing them.

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