Tai Chi Y2D198: starting to feel normal

Got up this morning, did tai chi and qi gong and Druidic work, and made myself breakfast. 52 minutes, beginning to end. The whole process of doing tai chi every day is starting to feel normal.

Wait… It’s taken a year and a half and more to get to the point where this is normal?? What’s up with that? What does normal even mean in this context?

Because there’s hardly anything normal about getting up an hour and a half earlier than you need to, to do 45 minutes of physical movement and breath work. It’s not something that most people do. Except that’s not really true. My upstairs neighbor runs his dog every morning. My downstairs neighbor goes off to the gym. There are a few runners here and there who come by my house. The exercisers are out there. And they’re part of a very broad fabric of normal.

I mean that it’s normal for me to do this exercise every day, at this point. Time was when I would complain and snarl in the mornings about doing it, even though I was the one forcing myself to do it. Let me say that another way: I’d get up in the morning cranky and unhappy to do tai chi, and I’d try to put it off and refuse it, even though it was me, forcing me, to get me up and moving.

That doesn’t happen so much any more.

My attention may wander during tai chi, or I lose my place, or I do a half-assed job of doing the work, or I don’t go slowly enough. A million things could go wrong during the practice. But this morning, I got up and did the work, and it was a normal part of my day. Just a thing I do, whenever I get up and get going.

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