Tai chi Y2D197: getting sweaty

I’m starting to get sweaty again during tai chi. I find this happens when I hit upon a new set of techniques for slowing down my movements beyond what I’m comfortable with, and improving my posture or stance. Alicia’s button-and-zipper technique from a few days ago is proving to be quite useful. The tension in my lower abdomen extending up to the base of my sternum helps put my spine in order, tucks my butt, and provides enough challenge that I’m starting to be challenged by my practice again. This is a good thing.

The second piece of this new challenge is breathing carefully, and moving only during some parts of the breath cycle. I’m not at the point of moving in dynamic balance, but I am starting the process to transition toward that from merely static balance. When combined with breath work, the result is at I’m boosting the challenge I’m giving myself every morning. Or at least, it seems so.

There was a really unusual occurrence in this morning’s tai chi routine. As I was working through the form and breathing deeply and for a long time on each posture (took me 34 minutes for the form alone!), a shift occurred in my head. Suddenly, it was like I was moving and thinking with both sides of my brain. I often feel as though my left hemisphere in my brain undoing most of the work, most of the time — this time it felt like my right hemisphere was running, too.

The effect has faded somewhat, now that I’m writing about it rather than living it. But it’s still persisting to some extent, and I’m pleased by the experience.

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