Tai chi y2d192: watchers

This morning I did tai chi outside. I didn’t do it very well though. Some of the neighbors on the other side of the fence saw me, and stopped what they were doing to watch me. Gaah!

I’m sad to say that I fumbled pretty bad. There’s a difference between telling you, my readers, how I did today — and having someone actually watching to see how I’m doing today. I’d dressed in a too-small shirt which was riding up my belly onto my chest, my belt wasn’t right enough and was falling down. What a way to feel completely incompetent in front of an audience.

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  1. Ouch! Sorry 🙁 Guess you have to have a plan for your “practice outside” costume for next time, just to make you impervious to your perception of other’s judgment. You know, they very well could have been thinking “Wow! How COOL is THAT?!?” But I *totally* understand your own feelings and I am sorry it happened to you. If you can overcome this, you might be able to benefit your observers as much as you do you subscribers (me) and motivate them to do somewhat similar themselves.

    • I think I’ll benefit from being able to overcome my stage fright in working through Tai chi. But I certainly didn’t feel calm this morning. Hence uniforms have particular resonances with means with this work.

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