Today, I resolved that I would go really slow. I mean, really slow.  I thought I had plenty of time to do so.  But I tried to make each posture last four breaths, and I tried to make each movement between each posture last four breaths.  With the exception of four or five positions, I succeeded.

Only now, it’s 20 minutes later than when I usually finish.  Which means that with my current schedule, I don’t have the time-budget for it in the mornings.  So this entry will be short, very short. I need to get moving.

But the big excitement today was that there’s a posture or movement called Step Back to Drive the Monkey Away. It comes between Ear Strike‘s follow-up punches, and Cloud Hands. And it’s always been tricky.  It’s not a posture, it’s a movement.  So there’s nothing to find or hold onto to say, “Ok, this is where and how I stand when I’m in Step Back, and this part here is driving the monkey away”.  It’s not that simple.

So the posture (or movement) has a tendency to get lost as its own thing when I do the form too fast.  But today it re-emerged.  I know how it has to look, and feel; and I know where in the form it belongs.  Score one for moving slowly: the mysteries gradually reveal themselves, so moving slowly matches one’s own speed to the mysteries…