Tai Chi Y2D165: Continuing the Work

Yesterday’s post felt like an ending of sorts, as if I was going to stop writing posts about my tai chi practice.  I wasn’t at all sure I’d be able to write today, not because I didn’t want to, but because the post and the sense of my day yesterday felt so finalized — as if I was done writing about tai chi.

But I don’t think that’s how daily practices work; you do them, and you come to a stopping place, and then you start the next chapter. And maybe today is the beginning of a new chapter.Maybe it isn’t, too, but that’s part of the point, too:  just because we humans like to divide time and space up into chapters and events and scenes, doesn’t mean that time and space are actually divvied up that way.  Which is weird, too, because tai chi is taught in postures and positions and movements — but it isn’t really any of those things in and of itself.  It’s something more and less than that.

That said, what does one say about the practice?

Touching on my wish to modify my qi gong practice, I’m now doing eight repetitions of each item in the sequence of Five Golden Coins, rather than 16. This is because I’m also doing eight repetitions of the sequence Eight Pieces of Silk.  My sense is that while these practices are best done with 16 repetitions if done on their own, they build up too much energy in the wrong places if done in conjunction with one another; they were originally designed as standalone practices, done by one person, rather than two combined works; thus, I’m choosing to halve them for a while, and see if things improve.

I continue to do the tai chi form that I know every day.  Today I am feeling heavy; I’ve been doing a lot of work in my Druidic practice connected with the Work of Earth, and I’m feeling heavy; I’m not just feeling heavy, I am heavy. I’ve accumulated five pounds beyond what I normally weigh, and I feel sluggish and overborne.  If this is what I feel like when I’m working primarily with one element, I’m hoping that things will balance out a bit when I’m doing the Works of Water, Air and Fire.  But the current practices are making me feel very heavy on my feet, and sluggish and slow.  I feel strong, but also rooted, as I do tai chi these days.

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