Tai chi Y2d154: Fluid

I’m typing today’s entry on my cellphone. Not ideal, because it’s harder to have large ideas on a small screen. Apologies.

Today I went back to fluid movements and found that yesterday’s jerky, blocky motions had helped. I was able to feel several stretches better, and I was able to pop several kinks or challenges back into place. All well and good!

In particular, I found the punches today to be quite satisfying. Normally, they’re these rather anemic things that seem to have no force or aesthetic value to them. They look ridiculous in a mirror (I’ve watched myself) and they don’t look strong enough to do anything to an attacker intent in assault.

Today, though? Oh, so satisfying! My efforts to be aware of the fascia is paying off. I was aware that the springiness of my arm wanted to pull the punch, to withdraw the movement even as the punch reached the end of its motion. But holding onto that tension just a little longer… Delivery of the punch felt solid even on empty air. Muscles I hadn’t expected to work, actually did what they were supposed to do.

It’s funny that this stuff lies this deep into the mindset or frame of a martial art — that these discoveries aren’t made until halfway through the second year. But there you are, and so it proves.

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