Tai Chi Y2D149: Slightly different

Today, I thought I’d try noting down a few impressions after each set of movements, rather than try to explain the overall theme of the day:

Ten Pushups: Wow these were hard.  My shoulders — ow!  I still can’t go all the way to the floor.  But my arms are definitely growing stronger as a result of this work.

Five Golden Coins: breathing a little heavier, and sweating a little bit — not much, just a little.  I’m up and working before the garbage truck this morning, and the last sequence, carrying milk to heaven, is interrupted by the garbage cans on the street outside being emptied.  It’s easier to do picking apples, the side-to-side movement that comes second, on the right-hand side than on the left-hand side.  Joining heaven and earth is easy… but then, it’s one of the motions that I do 32 times daily, because it appears in both qi gong forms.  Picking apples isn’t one of those.  Carry milk to heaven is somewhat hard on my knees today — remember to keep the knee bent, but not so bent that the toes of the feet disappear out of view under the knees from my eyes.

Eight Pieces of Silk: Sweating quite a bit more now.  This happens pretty much every time — the crown of my head becomes sweaty, my arms and body become sweaty, even after a year-and-a-third.  The one move I never feel that I’m quite doing right is the downward punch — sometimes I can generate a ‘crack’ or ‘pop’ in my arm and feel tension loosening as I work this move; most of the time, it’s just punching empty air for no reason.

Tai Chi Form: Sweatier still — but not enough to make wet spots on my clothes, anywhere through the whole process.  It’s going to be a warm day today; I can feel that heat building up outside, but it also mirrors a change in my internal heat about halfway through the form.  My feet are grippy on the floor today; it’s hard to do spins and turns.  Also went too fast — my common problem.  Basically, I need a few months of doing the form posture by posture, with a pause in between each one, to slow me down.  Always works to interrupt my speed-demon ways, but as a tendency to de-focus my flow for a while.

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