Tai Chi Y2D148: Onward

Here’s what I did this morning:

  • 10 push-ups (badly
  • Five Golden Coins
  • Eight Pieces of Silk
  • The Tai Chi Form I know

The push-ups are getting easier. They’re not easy.  I don’t want you to think that.  I’m moving around 300 pounds around with my arms.  That is to say, me… Not ideal.  But at least I’m getting better at it.

New Knitting Project I began a new knitting project yesterday.  So far it’s turning out well.  I do a row of knit, and a row of purl, and the resulting pattern is called stockinette. It looks pretty cool; the weave is very tight; and this is going to be a rather handsome scarf in a bright olive-like green.  In order to make this scarf, I had to learn to purl-stitch, which Vicki taught me last night at the local stitch ‘n’ bitch.  I produced about 4″ of length in this particular scarf, which is a good beginning.

The workmen are here in my house at the moment, disassembling my shower and bathtub.  They’re ripping apart the whole bathroom to replace some faulty plumbing that — from the looks of it — dates from the 1600s.

It would be easy for me to assume that just because I didn’t spend 2-3 hours doing tai chi this morning that I’m somehow not doing enough.  But the evidence of my life shows that I’m doing plenty — there’s a half-dozen scarves out there which will keep people warm this winter that came from my knitting needles. There’s art work I’ve made that has inspired many.  There’s this blog, which (while it doesn’t have as many readers as I’d like) still apparently inspires a couple dozen people daily.  I’ve taught hundreds of students in my life, and made a difference to many.

What other measurements matter?

We keep going.  We keep onwards.  We’re in this business of living, and sometimes it’s tedious, and sometimes it’s beautiful.  Keep doing the work.

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  1. Another murmur of approval: murmurmurmur… 🙂

    On a related topic, I truly wonder where the human dimension is going. Everyone is so busy that it’s almost impossible to keep in touch with friends and other important and interesting contacts either in meat-space or in virtual space. I read recently that most people only read the first few, maybe it was three, lines of any article before forwarding. Truly, I can’t always find time to read your posts. But I always see the subject line, and I read when I can, and even just the subject line reminds me someone out there is actually doing what I aspire to do, and regularly too. It helps. And you often teach me something in your posts. And you always remind me to be better and more diligent at self-observing.

  2. The Tai Qi blog posts are quite inspiring to me. I was surprised in the beginning that I would derive such inspiration from lurking in on someone else’s practice, but there it is 😉 Please do not feel like you are just talking in the dark.

    • On the one hand I don’t feel like I’m talking into the dark; besides, I’ve done plenty of talking in the dark… but the occasional appreciative murmur is appreciated.

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