TaiChi Y2D146: start again, slower

I got about six postures into today’s tai chi practice and stopped. I was moving too fast. Begin as you meant to continue, means just that. You’ll likely move at the same pace you started at, or even speed up. So start slow, or re-start.

Which is what I did today.

I hate restarting. I’m reminded of every foot race I’d ever been forced into a a kid and as a teenager. You’re either too slow off the start, or you jump the gun. I’m a gun-jumper, apparently, and I like to be done with tai chi for the day more than I like doing tai chi. I’m 70% of the way through two years, and what a crazy revelation — I don’t like doing tai chi as much as I like being done with tai chi. Past perfect tense, not present tense. 🙂

But today, I started over. And I had a much better present-tense experience than usual. I also experienced the return of the “tinglies” — the sense that chi is flowing through me, and breaking down obstacles to flow. The energy is doing what it’s supposed to do, in side of me, after a long absence. And this is good.

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