Tai Chi Y2D140: working up a sweat

Something shifted into high gear this morning. I’m sweating. Not… “I’m slightly slippery to the touch,” but full on, “wow, I’m actually sweating— if I were wearing a shirt it would be soaked.” This is surprising to me. It rarely happens that I get this much exercise from a tai chi program on a given day. And I don’t have a clear reason for the sudden burst of exercise. It wasn’t a particularly vigorous workout. It wasn’t challenging to my body in any discernible way. Just “ok, you want to sweat. Here you go: cardio!” and boom! It was so. Why??

Nothing has changed, really, from a few days ago. Today’s workout wasn particularly slower deliberate. Just a typical day. Which suddenly used way more energy than it usually does, and pushed me to give off more heat and humidity than usual…

In other news. I’ve added 10 pushups to my tai chi morning routine. They are not fun at all. I do them badly. This is how I begin, though: first badly, then better and with increasing confidence. All things begin this way: first a little, poorly, and then a lot rather well.

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