Tai Chi Y2D130: can’t touch toes

Tai chi today was relatively easy. I’ve been taking it easy
on my body because of my lower back. And today I can’t touch my
toes. I mean, I could, but if I did I might not be able to stand
again. Let me emphasize that it doesn’t hurt. I am not in pain,
while sitting or standing or walking. I just can’t bend over to
touch my toes right now. I’m stiff, not injured. Part of it, I
expect, is the challenge of last weekend’s gathering and sleeping
in a tent, and doing an irregular schedule of work and being overly
gentle on myself as far as “what counted”. I’m paying for that a
week later, apparently. But as always, the solution seems to be
“keep doing tai chi.” I’m better today than yesterday; better
yesterday than Wednesday. We keep on with the work, because the
decision to sit and do nothing leads to more stiffness and less
freedom of movement.

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