Tai Chi Y2D120: fasciae and muscle

I had a new reader, Carlo, recently leave a comment about the difference between working tai chi from muscle instead of gravity; and instead thinking of the body as one of Bucky Fuller’s
tensegrity structures. What we used to call the sinews, and think of as a series of disparate bits of connective tissue, is actually the fascia— a web or bag of connective tissue covering the whole
body under the skin. This web of connective tissue connects the
toes to the fingers, and joins the head to the feet, and it melds
the core body with the extremities. Ah! So I tried it his way. I tried moving the fascia today, rather than let gravity do the work or making my muscles do the work. Ah! Brilliant suggestion! This is
a perfect window for experimentation because I’m going on retreat the next few days. I hope to have some interesting thoughts on Wednesday next week. In the meantime, a couple of posts about the 17 Things maker list should launch while I’m away.

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  1. Please say more about how you moved the fascia. It’s an interesting concept and in massage we can use the idea of moving fascia very productively, but I have never considered how one could move fascia volitionally.

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