Tai Chi Y2D103: peaceful

The hour of Mercury on Sun-day has just begun. I’m at the public library, which hasn’t opened yet. When I began, I performed Miller’s new hymn for the Hour of Venus on Sunday, did my tai chi and qi gong, and now I’m sitting here soaking up the sun for a while until the coffee place opens.

It’s rare that my work isn’t rushed immediately after completion. A body could get used to this, lazing about and enjoying summer. I feel like I have a lot of projects, though: making progress on sewing and knitting skills, doing some art, finishing the first round of my Druidical studies, and working some stuff up for school.

The actual tai chi today was relaxed and very well-ordered, though. I’m getting better at regulating my speed and slowing down rather than stopping the energy at any one place in the movement. In a real sense, I’ve plateaued, though. I’m going to need some mental change before I’m able to slow down just as a matter of habit. It’s very conscious action right now.

In other news, I’m nearing the end of preparations for my Ovate examination and initiation in DOGD. And I’ve got some more work to finish in Jason’s course of strategic sorcery. It’s going to be a nice summer.

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