Tai chi Y2D96

Today did not really feel any different than any of the previous fifteen months. I guess that’s normal. When you do the same thing every day, small nuances get lost. Today’s practice is not significantly different That yesterday, and tomorrow’s will not be much different than today. How do we make it changed up some way? The simplest way is to make it longer.

I’m aware that on good practice days, when I’m not “cheating”, it takes me about half an hour to work through the tai chi forms and qi gong. Okay, it’s easy enough to add time tonight. I could do the form twice. I could do qi gong forms at both the beginning and the end of my practice.

But watching tai chi videos online, I think the real challenge for me is that I must slow down my practice. I go maybe 20 to 50% faster than most of the people in the videos. This is a W A G. — Otherwise known as a wild assed guess. I haven’t checked their time signatures against mine with a stopwatch, video camera. I suppose I could. I could borrow a camera tripod from someone, make videos of myself doing this one. But I’m not a master, and I don’t really want anyone imitating me. This means that I definitely won’t be putting videos online.

Now that school is over, I have a genuine opportunity to practice this slowdown. I need to make it my goal but the qi gong take, perhaps, a 15 minute block. And the tai chi takes perhaps a half hour all by itself.

This is hard. But, it’s clear that if I don’t find some ways to step up and slow down my practice, that it really won’t be doing very much visible good, poor internal work that’s good after all.

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