Tai Chi Y2D92: keep going

Ho-hum. Did tai chi again today. God some benefit from it, not sure what though.

A daily practice is boring, at times. No doubt about it — it’s the same routine, day in and day out. Hard to talk about, hard to write about, hard to do. It’s also hard not to reach the conclusion that I’ve plateaued, at least for the moment. I’m not getting any obvious improvements at this point. It’s improving my breath control, and overall health; there are fewer obstacles to doing the work, but less meaningful and observable reasons for doing so. I still want to do the work. I just don’t want to write about it, necessarily.

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  1. Andrew, at this point I hereby let you off the hook of writing about it every day. I have been practicing this week to firm up the last few moves and yesterday for the first time ever I did my practice in the morning. I think I’ll do that again today (morning meaning any time before noon instead of after 4:00). And then, considering I had a good day yesterday in some unexpected ways, pay more attention today to find out if it’s just my horoscope playing out, or if it’s related to a different energy being created within…

    • It could be your horoscope playing out, and your daily practice kicking into a higher gear, and something completely different. I just suggest, don’t get locked into just one story.

      • Agreed about not getting locked into one story. Doing a daily practice such as T’ai Chi has made me more sensitive to rhythms of energy in my life. As you posted today about what you eat, that does play into it in a huge way. I’m way ahead of you in that concept. Anyway, thanks for your writing. I do find it valuable whether you continue to write about your practice every day or not.

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