Tai Chi Y2D81: not recommended

The best time to perform a daily practice like tai chi is first thing in the morning, when you get up. This morning, due to a long Friday and a crowded house,I didn’t perform my daily practice until
almost 11pm. And now I’m awake and alert, and it feels like I will be in this state for a while.

A delayed tai chi practice is capable, then, of turning against you. Because of its naturally energizing qualities, a late performance can affect your sleep schedule, your mental focus and your health. All the same,I’m going to try to sleep now. Wish me luck.

Tai chi will be performed at close to the regular hour tomorrow

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  1. Great! Congrats. I am not really surprised, you got your energy flowing all smoothly and everything… so when it was time to sleep, you slept.

    I would, however, still be really interested to know what happens if you try sending Qi down when are finished!

    I suspect you could intend or visualize it leaving your head and upper body and collecting in the Dan Tien rather than allowing it to be “wasted” by simply dissipating; but still, from my perspective, to sleep if you are way energized, you need to get the Qi out of your head (and out of your Heart which has many functions of the brain from an oriental medicine perspective.) One of my Qi Gong teachers at TCM school actually had a protocol something like that way back when.

    Please let me know what happens if you try it!

  2. Two comment/questions:

    1 – I wonder what would have happened if you had done your Tai Qi with a formal intention to relax?

    2 – If at the end of your session, you intentionally sent the Qi down out of your head, you should have been able to fall asleep, perhaps even faster than usual. That’s what we often do with Acupuncture to induce sleep. There are other protocols to treat insomina depending on what seems to be the constitutional disharmony pattern, but one quick and dirty sleep inducing technique is to needle Du-20 (point on top of head) and send the Qi down. (Another quick-n-dirty point to try either with some sort of stimulation such as a finger or a chopstick, or with focused downward intention is Yingtang a point directly between the eyebrows on the midline.)

    I would be very curious to see what happens if you try it.

    • Hi, Christina!

      In truth, I may have spoke too soon. I was very jazzed up when I wrote last night’s entry. But I’d no sooner put my computer down and climbed into bed when a wave of tiredness washed over me. And then it was 6:00 am.

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