Tai Chi Y2D69: running late

Had a lot of trouble getting up this morning, though I had few excuses for it. I spent a lot of Sunday in bed, resting and taking care of a sore throat, which appears to have quit overnight. Thank goodness. Bed rest and liquids matter!

But it meant that tai chi seemed like a luxury I could not afford this morning. I woke, and hit the snooze button on the alarm clock far too many times. When I finally did get up to do tai chi, it was rushed, rather than leisurely. And yet, now that it’s done, I realize (for today) that it’s not a luxury but a necessity.

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  1. Yes, Tai Chi practice becomes something that both the body and the mind needs, that for sure. Coffee and Tai Chi, a good combination for a good start of the day. 🙂

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