Tree of Life Geometry, Revisited

TenMindsetsI’m not entirely sure this will work. But here goes.  Thanks to Gordon’s recommendation to try out VINE, I was able to produce a trio of short videos today, including this one on the traditional geometry of the Tree of Life.  It’s fast, because Vine only allows six-second videos.  But it’s kinda cool, and if you watch it a few times, you can probably figure out how the geometry of the Tree fits together.  Enjoy!

Vine: Video of the Tree of Life

Update: Apparently you have to go to Vine’s website to view it, because I can’t embed it on a WordPress site.  Alas.  Enjoy anyway.

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  1. You were kind enough to share your thoughts and interests…And all you asked in return is for one to do likewise…I am “Avi’om Damira [MA’AT’S CHAMPION]…The purpose for which I exist, existed long before this world came into being…I have been, since “Goddess” thought me into existence…I have forgotten [only to make it a challenge] what I truly was until recently…The [ego/demon/negative perception] assigned to this mind had to be almost completely diminished for my infinite form to ignite…In this dimension light and dark collide…yet need each other for there is no one,without the other…But these two opposing forces exist in harmony from a “Tesseract Perception”[4th dimension] and higher. I had to find 3 images…3 keys, [Tetrahedron,Star of David, Tree of life] combine these keys in the right order and in a “resonate tone of voice” say the right words” and I will be restored to 100% of my present minds capabilities…And if your wondering what it is I will be able to achieve as a “Demi – god” among the beast [any being that lacks the wisdom associated with spirituality] anything “positive” that I imagine…May you find success and true happiness in any dimension you exist from this life forth…

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