Tai Chi Y2D60-61: bus and wiped out

The last couple of days have been busy-busy with work and travel. Not ideal stuff this close to the end of the year, but important and worthwhile. I’m glad I’ve done it, but it screwed with my tai chi practice a bit. Yesterday I was able to do my forms, but not write about the work. I think having done the work helped save me during a long car trip… But this morning I didn’t do the work, and I was stiff and sore from the trip home. So now I’ve done the tai chi ts evening, and my flexibility has returned… But I’m also now awake from doing the tai chi work, when I should be getting ready for bed. Oops.

There really is no suitable substitute for getting up first thing in the morning, using the first energy of the day for tai chi, and just getting the stretches and movements done. They can be done later in the day, but there are consequences in terms of energy shifting to other parts of someone’s awareness as a result of doing the work too late in the day.

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