Tai Chi Y2D58: Boredom

Boredom. I think it’s one of the side effects of daily practice.  It’s what stops people from going to the gym, it’s what stops people from learning guitar well enough to be in a band, and it’s what stops people from pursuing their dreams.  There’s this long intermediate section between basic competence and mastery of a skill, where you still need to keep plugging away at one’s development, but it’s not very interesting — even to yourself.

I’m in that stage now.

It’s not very interesting.  I stumbled a bit during one sequence of the tai chi form.  I actually lost my balance during part of the eight pieces of silk. I hurried a little too fast in the course of doing the form. I probably didn’t breathe deeply enough. All criticisms, all legitimate, all worth fixing.  But you know? WHO CARES?

A daily practice isn’t a race to be won.  It’s not (precisely) a skill to be mastered.  It’s just that thing you do. So you have to decide, are you the sort of person who does practice every day?  Or not?  It’s ok to be bored by it from time to time, I think, even for long stretches of time. It’s frequently the case that these things don’t settle themselves out without a period of boredom.

Enjoy it.

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