Tai Chi Y2D46: Start Again

About twelve or fifteen moves into the form, I realized, wait, this is not the motion that I should be doing right now!?  Somehow I’d gotten off track, and I’d cut about fifteen or twenty positions or movements from the form.  I’d leapt ahead in the form to the end, or near the end, and skipped over all the interesting middle parts.

Awake, aware, alert.

I stopped doing the form, went back to starting position, and began again. And then, after I did the form, I’m sure I did the form right the second time, I tried to figure out what I had done wrong.  What had caused me to go so far off track?

I don’t have an easy answer to that.  About four or five weeks ago, in morning assembly, I was singing the school song like everybody else, and suddenly I forgot where I was in the song.  Instead of singing the Dal Segno al coda, I was singing the principal verse again. Loudly.  I pulled a good number of people off the song with me, and was just LOST, and lost a lot of people with me.

And today, in effect, I did the same thing.  I derailed my own work by not being fully present in the moment.  Ooops.

But the response, of course, was for me to wake up to awareness that I wasn’t doing the work as well as I could be, and to return to the flow of the work — the correct work — more rapidly.  And that was the goal, and it was good.

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