Off and on, I’ve been reading about the medicine of Avicenna, who was a Muslim trained n the Greek way of doctoring in the 8th century AD. His canon of Medicine became a standard text for physicians until the late 1900s. One of his bugaboos is digestion — basically, you want to eat hot, relatively spicy foods, because you want them in, and then out. Black bile is the ash of digestion, and leaving it in the body leads to trouble. According to Avicenna’s system of medicine.

Why talk about this in a post about tai chi? Well,because I’m not digesting well these days, and I’d gone to Avicenna to see if I could figure out why. I don’t have a good answer yet, of course. But a doctor whose views were widely and highly regarded for centuries argued that it’s because I’ve eaten too much cool food and not enough hot food, and my digestive oven— stomach intestines and liver, primarily — have cooled off.

I don’t know that this is the case. Yet when I started this chi experiment a year ago, it was easy to workout hard enough to generate sweat. Now it’s not so easy: my body’s energetic pathways —as ridiculous as that sounds — are open more widely than a year ago. And as a result, I’m thinking I need to change eating patterns to match. I’m getting signals, for example, that I need more tea and less coffee and that’s weird for me; and I need more vegetables and fewer fruits and fewer lettuce greens. This will be an adjustment.

Tai chi itself went fine this morning, and I was able to pick up my excitation practice again after a few days away from it. And, I had a geomantic consultation with an old friend over the weekend, feels like digestion isn’t the only thing that’s going to shift soon.