Does anybody even read this, any more?

My calves were sweating today.  Usually, sweat is concentrated in the places one would expect to find it — armpits, back, and so on. But today, the backs and sides of my lower legs were sweaty.  Part of the reason is that I was doing a lot of work with horse stance today: knees bent, buttocks tucked under, a knot of concentration just under the belly button. The legs were getting a workout they don’t normally get.

When I began this process almost thirteen months ago, I couldn’t hold horse stance for more than a single posture.  I had to rise out of that posture almost as soon as I’d gotten into it.  There were muscles that had rarely been used; there were tendons that hadn’t been stretched.  More than 370 days of daily practice later, I can tell you — those muscles do build up strength, and the tendons do stretch.  In the immortal words of that band of British sages, “I got better.”

Some days, like today, the qi gong seems to be more important than the form; some days the form is more important that the qi gong.  My energy and attention seesaws back and forth between these two, and I have to wonder — isn’t this normal?  Doesn’t the body know to work at what the body needs?