Tai chi Y2d2

I was thinkjng this morning is going so well. Tai chi, meditation, writing, divination… What am I…?

Oh, right! Forgot to write the entry.

Again, I was trying to keep up a deep breathing pattern during the work today, and mostly succeeded. However, I didn’t reach my time goal, in the sense that I wanted the tai chi form to take 20 minutes. So I’m trying to decide if that’s a whoops or a failure. The first means, “better luck tomorrow.”. The second means, “better try again today.” On the one hand I’m seeking excellence, and on the other, I do this for my health and well-being, not to make myself OCD.

So… I’m thinking it’s a whoops. The goal is to deepen my practice over time, and I did better today than in the last week. So, it counts.

But I reserve the right to do it again later. If I change my mind.

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