Taiji Day 342: Clicking in the Hip

My father had one of his knees replaced several years ago.  It had been troubling him for quite some time, and so he agreed to go “under the knife” as he put it, to have some of the bones removed and replaced with a metal one. His most serious complaint about it, besides the unexpected loss of flexibility and movement (which he was warned about, and was told was possible) was a persistent click in the knee.  There’s some part or bearing that goes “clack” against another part almost every time he walks, and he hasn’t gotten used to the sound at all.  It’s this thing constantly in the back of his mind (and the back of his ear) reminding him that his knee is not whole, that it’s not all him.

I’ve not had any joint replaced yet (and maybe thanks to tai chi I can avoid that particular curse), but this morning there was a persistent clicking sound in my left hip on certain steps — notably the ones which lifted my foot off the floor.  The hip that got struck by the car. The one which has been bothering me off and on for a few weeks (and has it really been more than 40 days? I love having an archive). The one which I need to see a chiropractor or someone about.

That said, it was a great morning practice.  I’m slightly sweaty, I’m open and focused, I’m awake, and I’m energized. The tai chi practice did all the things it was supposed to do, and did them well.  Which is what any practice is supposed to be doing for you after almost a year.  I think this is good.

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