Taiji Day 338: Snowed In

Welcome to New England, where you can get months without a serious snowstorm, and then, BOOM, all at once, you get two feet!  The road outside my house is impassible. It’s filled with snow, and it probably hasn’t been plowed since 9:30 last night.  As a result, there’s a section which is maybe a foot deep, with a section that’s two feet deep on either side.  A block up the street, there’s a minivan stalled and buried in the middle of the road.  I think I’m going nowhere fast.

Being snowed in hasn’t been so bad, of course.  There are advantages.  I still have power, and heat, and light.  I was able to do the tai chi form very slowly this morning, and that was lovely.  I wasn’t able to hit both my hands during Windmill Kick, as I did yesterday… but given how long it’s taken me to get this far, I’m pleased.  There’s a certain point at which one learns to let go of the attachment to the practice being a particular way. Maybe that’s how it will be for me.  I don’t hit the goal or the expectation clearly, day in and day out… but I am getting better.


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