Taiji day 293: Shadow Boxing Day

Today was a light-duty day for tai chi. I did get to do it outside (Florida is wonderful for tai chi, I can do it outside at almost any hour of the day but noon), on a dock on the gulf side of the state, in calm breezes and sunny weather. What’s not to like?

I describe it as a light duty day because, although I was outside and that usually leads to more intense practice for me, I was also barefoot on a dock or pier of rough wood. I decided that not getting splinters in my feet was important. Accordingly, I scaled back how seriously I went through the forms, and didn’t put too much pressure on myself for a high performance day.

The issue of this pain in my left hip is also causing me to slow down and relax a bit. I want to see what my mom’s physical therapist-masseur has to say about it tomorrow. I’ve used the Greer relaxation exercise I described yesterday to isolate it to a particular position on my spine, translating its tension out to my left hip.

Shortly thereafter, a heavy rainstorm passed through, and waterlogged everything for about fifteen minutes.

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