Taiji day 285: misplaced foot?

I woke around 2:45 am, and I’ve been unable to get back to sleep. I’m tired — I went to bed about 9pm — but there’s something about this dark time of year that causes me to sleep ill. Frankly, I don’t sleep well even in the best of times. I’d like to solve that.

Tai chi today was pretty easy. It was a hard workout, oddly enough. I’m breathing hard and sweaty, which means I was putting out effort. But I didn’t creak or crack like I used to. A lot of my joints are well-lubricated these days. I’m a lot less stiff and inflexible than I used to be, and I’m a lot closer today to putting my hands, palms down, flat on the floor. Time to do some yoga in the evenings, maybe, to balance the tai chi, and increase the workout? Plenty of time to think about that.

The one thing that I’m alarmed about is that somewhere in the form I’m putting a foot wrong. Instead of ending facing east, the same direction I started in, I’m increasingly facing northeast or even full north. I was able to correct it twice today by backing up a few postures and trying again, but something is a bit off-beat, and it’s fairly early in the form. Hmmm.

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