Taiji Day 275: delay is risky

Day 275 almost passed me by, I was able to do the chi work of doing the forms, but not the parallel work of writing this entry. I put it off because we were going to see the movie Lincoln yesterday,and we didn’t want to be late. But it still took something away from the day. Of my daily practice was to do tai chi and write about it, yesterday may be considered a failure: if it’s todo tai chi, it’s only a squeaking success.

Delay is risky. There is simply too much that can go wrong when you allow your time to be carved away. I was doing my routine in the parking lot behind the house at 11:58pm, and almost falling over tired. We’re none of us so reliable that a day filled with good intentions can nonetheless turn against us. it’s important to do our work early, when the moment for it arises, rather than waiting for a more opportune time that may or may not ever come,

Do the work now.

And now, following my own advice, I rise from writing the entry about yesterday’s work… To do today’s work.

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