Taiji Day 273: Yeah, that too

I’ve already written a lengthy entry that I started yesterday, called A part is worth a thousand pictures. I also got my tai chi done, but I’ve run out of time to write about it this morning, other than to say A) it got done; B) it was hard getting out of bed; C) it was really challenging to complete today, for some reason; D) I did a lot of postures in the wrong order, in the wrong way.

And yet, despite all that, it was a good workout.  I realized after Five Golden Coins that I’d done the short toe-touches and deep knee bends without arm swings from Eight Pieces of Silk, but that I hadn’t done the ones from Five Golden Coins.  So… I reversed the two.  When I got to the place in Eight Pieces of Silk that I do the short toe-touches, followed by deep knee bends, I did the long toe-touches and deep knee bends with swinging arms that normally go in Five Golden Coins.  Yow!

Completely different energetic experience.  Immediately shot through with warmth, light, and energy, and much more focused and pulled together.  I love it when the experience of confusion leads to a completely new potential discovery.  I’ll have to try to remember this, and experiment with it a bit more.

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