Singing Something into Being

Today, I went to read a poem I’ve been trying to memorize, called the Orphic Hymn to Jupiter. And I just started singing it.  So I made a little audio track of it.  I’m not a great audio engineer, but it’s a recording of this Orphic Hymn to the planet Jupiter, sung in a sort-of “Gregorian Chant” style.  The music showed up out of nowhere a little after dawn this morning, after hanging out with my friend Julie, a recording artist, yesterday at RealArtWays.

And then, it didn’t go away.  I kept fussing with it and worrying at it all through my school day, and wondering what to do with it.  It came back much stronger after lunch (let the wise be aware); and then it came back yet again during a break from this evening’s Trivia Night at Klekolo World Coffee (where I’m host). Fortunately, it didn’t come back quite so strongly; by then I’d at least started trying to record it and make it into a thing.

One of the things I’m learning from the Design Thinking movement that I’m now part of, is that basically I should give in to a good many creative impulses, and do so quickly whenever possible.  I’m not going to get wonderful things out of every such small project, but I’m going to learn to be good at quite a lot of different things, which I can then pass on to my students in a variety of ways.  I can’t teach anything I haven’t done — but I’m doing more and more.

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