Taiji Day 265: 100 Days to Go // Oh my look at the time!

Sometime last night, I plugged my phone in a climbed into bed.  I’ve had a really, really long three or four days, and I was tired. The next thing I know, it was 6:30 in the morning, and an hour-and-a-half past when I usually get up to do tai chi. No time.

The day was packed. No time.  And so it is that I did my daily tai chi practice at quarter after 6:00pm, hours after my public day ended.  I am still an apprentice at night. Moonlight is not the best time for me to work… or more specifically, I am not used to doing tai chi in the darkness, and it still feels awkward.

No matter.  The work was done.  I did my usual tai chi experience — two qi gong forms and a tai chi short-form, —  and instead of being charged up and ready to go, I am ready to crash and go to bed. My eyes are drooping, I’m fading in and out of wakefulness, and I feel sapped.  Despite getting an extra hour of sleep this morning, I’m ready to be done for the day. Pajamas and bedtime, here I come!


Today is day 265 of this cycle.  Which means that I’m a hundred days out from completing a year.  I’ve made it through almost 3 seasons of daily practice. Still a long way to go, but I feel like progress has been made.  Thanks for continuing to read and support the journey!

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